Q. What are the dates & Location for MPAC 2020?

A. MPAC 2020 event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions within theatre venues.


Q. What date do registrations open?

A. Registrations into MPAC 2021 will be announced in early 2021. 

Q. Where can I enter?

A. Entries can be made via the Comps-Online website - A link will be made available on our home page when registrations open.

Q. What are the categories/genres?

A. Broadway Jazz / Commercial Jazz, Neo Classical / Lyrical, Classical Ballet, Character, Contemporary, Tap, Theatrical (Song & Dance/Song & Tap), Hip Hop and Any Style. 

Q. What are the time limits per category?

A. All Solo sections  : 3 minutes,

    Theatrical (Song & Dance/Tap) sections : 4 minutes

    Jazz/Classical/Contemporary Championships : 3.5 minutes

    Tap Championship : 4 minutes

    Troupes : 5 minutes

Q. What is the minimum of dancers required in a troupe?

A. 5 troupe members is the required minimum for any troupe entry.

Q. What forms of music do you accept?

A. CDs (please ensure to have multiple backups and please ensure not to record on CD-RW discs - CD-R discs are acceptable).

     Ipod/Ipad/Iphone auxiliary cables are provided and an accepted form of music. Laptops can be used for Teachers only. 

     No USBs will be accepted. These rules are put in place to ensure and promote a smooth and efficiently run eisteddfod.

 MPAC Rules & Regulations can be downloaded by clicking the following:

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